✰⚄Lily Szymanski⚂✰

When You’re Within a Few Meters of Your Destination, You Are There

Two person show with Annabelle Dunstan at Comfort Station, Chicago IL (2022)

entry way at comfort station

collaborative book of drawings with Annabelle Dunstan

front view of show

here lies a bird that is dead, 2022, cardboard, newspaper, papier-mâché

Jack sculpture and arrow by lily, paintings by annabelle

lambs are found objects

the grass is, 2022, cardboard, newspaper, papier-mâché, mortar

strange loops, 2022,cardboard, newspaper, papier-mâché,laser print photograph

mound by lily, print and painting by annabellei can talk just like you, 2022, cardboard, newspaper, papier-mâché